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Hetchins Renovation

We currently have an old (1979) Bob Jackson in the Grantham shop which attracts a fair amount of attention so we decided that we would look round for other bikes to renovate/restore to then put on display in the shops.

Among those bikes we have bought for this reason is a curly Hetchins.

The bike has been stripped down and the frame is about to be sent off to Argos for respraying and chroming.

Here are a couple pictures of the frame and forks as they are at present:


The frame is on the Hetchins register and is a 1955 Vade Mecum.

The bike came with a Stronglight 49D chainset and bottom bracket, Campag Gran Sport front derailleur, Stronglight headset, Mafac top 63 brakeset, Lyotard pedals and Brooks saddle.

The bike also had a Shimano Titlist rear derailleur which has been replaced with a Campag Gran Sport.

We’ve not yet taken a good look at the wheels.

The components are in good condition but need a really good clean.

We’ll stick more photo’s on the site as we work our way through the renovation.

Some time later......... here is the resprayed/rechromed frame.So all we need to do now is put it back together again.



Trek 2500 composite Pro.

Here is our Renovation that we are currently working on at the Lincoln store, It's a 1991 Trek composite 2500 Pro. We are currently looking to get this frame back to its original state, with all the original components on there. The Trek was kitted out with Dura-ace so if anyone has any mint condition Dura Ace componentry from  1991 that they wish to sell then please let us know..The Shimano catalogue for 1991 can be found here if anyone is interested:

Here are a few pictures of the frame in mint condition.



Keep your eyes peeled on this page as we'll be updating this page as and when we get components on there.

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