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Bike Fit Service

Whether you have just purchased a new bike or struggle to get comfortable on your current one, we can optimise the way your bike fits you.

Our trained bike fit technician will interview you to learn about your cycling history and how you intend to use your bike.

Our bike fit technician will then perform a series of flexibility and range of motion exercises to assess your positioning parameters on the bike.

This is followed by a series of measurements to determine seat height, seat angle, seat position, foot/cleat position, stem length, stem rise, and handlebar width.

Using all this information, our bike fit technician will place you on the bike in your ideal body position. In total the fitting will last between one and a half and two hours.

All clients should wear their usual cycling gear/clothing for the fitting. You should also bring your cycling shoes and pedals for use during the fitting.

If you do not own these items we will offer advice, suggestions, and guidance in picking out the products most suited to your needs.

Please be aware that any parts needed to complete the fitting are additional and that labour charges for installation may occur.
The cost of the fit  service is £75 but this can be offset against a bike purchase.  These rates are detailed below.
If the bike purchase is under £1000 the fit service will cost £75.
If the purchase of the bike is £1000 - £1500 the fit service will cost £35.
If the bike purchased is more than £1500 the fit service is free.