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Cyclesport Custom

Yeah, you heard right……CUSTOM, because who doesn’t want the most unique bike on the planet! This is an awesome new adventure for us and we want you to be a part of the journey!

So tell me more about custom we hear you say. Well how does it feel knowing nobody else has a bike like yours; we say that’s pretty cool! Build your own bike from the ground up with millions of different colours, equipment and combinations.  Why settle for something normal, when you can make your bike suite your personality and riding style!

So let’s start with frames. You like carbon….we’ve got it, you like steel….we’ve got it, you like titanium….you get the theme going here. Whatever you want, we have it. Choose your material and let’s get crazy with the paint! With full custom options from Trek and factory direct with Ridley you have endless time to play around to find that paint scheme you want. And if you can’t decide on colour scheme, well, there is the perfect reason for your next project!

Hoops, always got to have a swish set of wheels! One, they make a bike personal and echo how you like to ride, two, you kind of need them to be a bike! We have loads of different wheel brands in store from Shimano to Bontrager to DT Swiss, and hey, if we don’t have it you can bet your bottom cog we’ll get it for you!

Now you’ll be needing components to stick on this upcoming sweet ride! Deck out your frame with whatever gearing you would like. Be it Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo. The choice doesn’t end there either! Shhhhh did you hear that, that bike sounded like a robot? Yep electronic gears are here and you can custom spec it on your bike. Di2, E-Tap or EPS, go on treat yourself!!

Now you’re you probably going to need somewhere to sit and rest your hands (unless you’ve invented and seat and barless bike, in which case we’d like to offer you a job in our R&D facility). Keeping that derrière comfortable is paramount, which is why we have a huge range of saddles to choose from, each with there on comfort qualities. This is pretty much the same with handlebars and stems, different shapes, lengths, reach. We’ll get the ones that fit you just choose what works for you and looks cool. Don’t forget all those accessories as well. Endless options of tyres, bar tape, pedals and much, much more!

Of course throughout this whole process we’re here to help guide you and offer advice where it’s needed. We want you to have the bike that you have always dreamed of, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Might even throw in a good cuppa too.  One you’ve got it done and finished we’ll add you to our “Custom Wall of Fame” so that everyone else can see your trick new bike!