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Personalised therapies for recovery, enhanced sporting performance and general well being

Although massage has long been linked with professional and competitive cycling, more and more recreational riders are starting to appreciate the benefits of regular sports massage as a crucial component of their training regime. Whether you are a new to cycling, undertaking charity rides and sportifs or simply enjoy regular riding for fitness, consider including regular sports massage to aid recovery from longer rides and relieve tension and stiffness.

A demanding activity, repetitive in its nature and often undertaken daily for prolonged periods of time, cycling can have a considerable impact on our musculoskeletal systems and increase the risk of injuries which take riders out of their beloved saddles.

The most obvious area that cyclists suffer with is the legs and indeed calves and quads often suffer from increased tone and painful adhesions within the muscle fibres caused by micro-trauma as a result of overuse. As well as this, hamstrings are rarely fully lengthened during cycling causing them to tighten and ‘shorten’, sometimes leading to lower back pain. Hunching over the handlebars for hours at a time and/or a poorly fitted frame can lead to pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back and chest muscles can tighten as a result of those in the upper back being lengthened in the racing ‘head down’ posture.

Scientific research suggests that sports massage can help relieve tightness, spasms and muscle tissue restrictions, increase flexibility in muscles, increase blood circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to aid repair and promote removal of waste products. As well as this, manual therapy can increase joint mobility by releasing restrictions in the fascia and reducing thickening in the connective tissue, reduce inflammation, break down scar tissue, promote relaxation, reduce stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce pain by the release of endorphins all resulting in more consistent performance as well as a tangible decrease in the risk of injuries which could stop you riding.

You’ve got the gear, you’ve done the nutrition and training research, you’ve put the miles in, don’t let an injury hold you back! Invest in yourself; make massage a part of your training, pre-event preparation and post-event recovery - give yourself the best chance of staying out on your bike.

Prices for a sports massage start from £35 for a one-hour session or £45 for 90 minutes. Discounts are available for bookings of 3 of more treatments. Your first appointment will include a brief health and wellbeing questionnaire as well as a postural assessment and discussion of any muscular issues you may have, details of your training, goals and any upcoming events. I operate from my home in Harlaxton where treatments are delivered in a relaxed and informal treatment room. 

Please contact me on either 07926 088345 or 01476 568921. Alternatively, you can mail me at

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VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (QCF), fully insured and considerable experience of working with cyclists having supported charity events on various scales.


I am confident that my clients are happy with the service they receive as over 90% of my new business is from recommendations. Here are some reviews from satisfied customers…..

I came to Tess following a knee and foot injury on the same leg. She worked on re-activating the surrounding muscles and sent me home with exercises the strengthen leg. Absolutely brilliant!

When I started seeing Tess I had a lower back injury dating back 20 years. Now the issue is gone. She is conscientious, empathic and professional – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Tess got me around the Cambridge Half Marathon in a PB time – she’s amazing, highly recommend.

I’m a yoga instructor and picked up a shoulder injury in class. One visit to Tess and I was fully restored. Tess has a wonderfully warm manner, she is professional yet approachable and makes you feel totally at ease. I now regularly recommend her to my clients.”