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If you are using traditional platform pedals on your bike you could consider moving to clipless pedals.

The advantages are that clipless pedals offer a more efficient pedalling action as they allow the rider to utilise the full pedal stroke to apply power.

If you choose to go down this route you will also have to buy a pair of cycling shoes which allow for the fitting of cleats.

Pedals and shoes come in a wide variety of designs some specifically designed for road bikes others are aimed at the off road bike user and other at the leisure user. As you would expect pedals and shoes hit a wide range of price points.

It is possible however to equip yourself with a very functional set of pedals and shoes at a price which won’t cause your bank managers heart rate to soar(we do HRM’s as well!)! We stock shoes from Shimano, Pearl Izumi and Bontrager across a range of sizes.

We also stock Shimano and Look pedals and again other brands are available to order.


We carry a range of bars and stems from Pro and Bontrager in both alloy and carbon suitable for both road and off road bikes. Getting the right bars and stem for your bike can make a significant difference to your comfort on the bike.

Whilst it may seem that all handlebars are the same they do differ considerably in design from the width of the bars to the design of the tops and drop sections to the depth of the drop.

Likewise with the handlebar stem. A small change to a longer or shorter stem or a different angle can radically improve your position on the bike and your enjoyment of cycling.


Often the first piece of kit that folks look to upgrade on a bike.

Again for what would seem to be a straightforward component on a bike they come in a wide range of materials and design.

We can help you through the choices you face should you decide to change your wheels.

We stock Shimano and DT Swiss wheels with other brands such as Bontrager, Mavic available to order.

We can also build wheels to your specific requirements.


We stock Continental and Bontrager tyres.The tyres ona bike represent one of the cheapest and often most effective upgrades you can make!


This is an area of componentry which continues to develop with the introduction of ideas such as 11 speed cassettes and electronic shifting in recent years. The major player is Shimano and we stock a comprehensive range of Shimano components and complete groupsets. We can also source componentry for SRAM and Campagnolo should you wish.